Experienced educators specializing in science support which includes support in content as well as strategizing student research

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The Learning Catalyst is a team of highly qualified, certified, and experienced teachers. With our many years of classroom experience, we know how to:

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  • Motivate
  • Develop genuine understanding for all learners
  • Encourage academic confidence and independence
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    A portion of your payment for services is tax-deductible!

    The Learning Catalyst is a nonprofit organization, and each lesson contributes a tax deductible donation to support academics in our community.


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    "Going into chemistry, I was tentative and unsure about how I would perform in a fairly rigorous class, but I quickly began to understand the lessons that were being taught and over time I gained great confidence in many chemistry concepts... Overall, I had such a positive experience"

    - Dakarae Pekarek

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    " Amazing knowledge of the subject and will go to any length to make sure her students understand concepts and ideas and is excellent at providing constructive feedback to make lab reports and essays stronger and more well-rounded. Easily highlight areas of both strength and weakness for students to improve and excel."

    - Erin Marble

    Jillian profile photo

    "Mrs. Cameron's and Mrs. Davis' methods of teaching made a world of difference in making IB science classes enjoyable and understandable. Besides multiple reviews of the content in different ways, they made the lab and IA rubrics go from being IB's vague mark descriptions to their own detailed checklists of everything you need to include."

    - Jillian Rogers

    Alex profile photo

    "Mentors for providing the level of preparedness I carried into university for my pursuits within science. My science undergrad courses were minimally challenging with the knowledge retention and preparing skills they taught all while keeping the content engaging. Their depth of understanding and ability to teach the scientific process through activities such as labs, assessments, and individualized research projects helped with my ability to succeed in undergrad research outside of my courses. I’d recommend them to anyone!"

    - Alex Hewitt

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